Monday, March 16, 2015

Lifestyle Belgrade: Savamala Coffee Fest

Photo by Well dressed zombie, all rights reserved.

"Fresh, innovative and perfectly scented, 
Savamala Coffee Festival is an ideal destination 
for those who believe coffee is more that just a beverage, 
for those who consider it a passion and an evergreen satisfaction, 
who those who are willing to enjoy in it's every single sip, 
in it's profound aroma, in it's irresistible scents, and most of all exquisite taste. "

After an uncountable number of coffee pots waited for to boil, sips indulged and dried out cups, we are more than excited to list you our Top Three coffee shops that presented their work at this year's Savamala coffee festival:


We chose Koffein coffee shop, not only for their delicious coffee and talkative and friendly baristas but also for their vast choice of different types of homemade teas. They were willing to explain us every single difference between sorts of coffee beans and list us ingredients of every tea blend they had in stock. Thumbs up!


A pleasant surprise that came, unexpectedly, from a pub! Darkwood coffee is specialised in black coffee, spiced up with a whole range of different aromas like caramel, butter, vanilla, chocolate etc. Their slogan says that their coffee's so good you only need one teaspoon to make yourself a perfect cup of hedonism. It is perfect for traditional coffee lovers who enjoy in strong and bitter cups.


Doncafe professional espresso was the sponsor of a whole event, they even organised workshop with barista trainer Stavros Lamprinidis AND their barista Nenad Stojanovic won the Latte art competition. The best place in town to indulge in their miraculous coffee specialties (of which our favorites are coffee cocktails) is Cafe Doncafe, we promise you wont regret it. All tops!

We also want to recommend you two other fantastic coffee shops:
Uzitak coffee selection and delights // Hilandarska 4, Belgrade
Kafeterija // Zorza Klemensoa 10 (and some more places around the town)

Now go ahead and get yourself a morning coffee. Or afternoon one, or midday. Any time is coffee time!

well dressed zombie xo