Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obsessions: Viktoria Modesta

Forget what you know about disability.

Introducing the world's first amputee pop artist.

 Viktoria Modesta is 27 years old and born in Latvia. 
She was born with a non-functional leg. 
When she was 12 her family moved to London. 
Unlike any other teenager she decided to go for a surgery and remove 
her bad leg, at least the lower part of it. 
She said that she never felt more reliefed then when she pulled up 
the blanket and saw nothing but wrappings and stitches. 
No pain. No nothing. She felt free. 
She is wild by her nature, so leg removal only gave her opportunity 
to express  her creative soul. Interesting fact is that she 
skatches and gives ideas for every single of her phrostetic legs.


Viktoria made first public appereance as a pop star 
at closing ceremony of 2014 Summer Paralympics taking place in London 
along with Coldplay. It's no secret Modesta's been modeling 
since the age of 15. Her breakout song Prototype was released in late 2014. 
The music video is directed by Saam Farahmand and is uploaded to Channel 4.

Now let's talk about the Prototype music video. 
The message behind the video is "Born risky", same as the new foundation 
that Modesta is assosiated with.  
At the begining we see a black screen with a following message: 
Later, camera takes us to Viktoria siting on a throne, like a true queen she is, 
and killing it with a bad girl / royal look. We see her good leg, 
and no sign of that she is in fact invalid. In the next seen we see an old tv 
with a cartoon version of herself, kinda looking like Jessica Rabbit if you ask me. 
Again, killing I T. As the song starts playing, we see her walking, 
and her phrostetics lighting up wich attracts moths to fly around it. 
The video show that this particular cartoon starts controlling people's minds 
as she sings "It's the future". Boys, girls, men and women both 
start obsessing over her making everything around them amputed. 
Italian police catches her and questions her in italian (HOT). 
She's not answering and redirects lazers around hear to their fourheads 
(bang bang),
 looking confident as hell.

Did I mention that she dances? Yes she does, and she kills it like everything/one else. 
In the end of the video we see her playing ballet in her pointy prosteticson the glass floor. 
It's the most mind blowing part of the video. 
In my oppinion this is the most visual and effective video of 2014. 
What do you think about this project messing with the logic?


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