Saturday, October 11, 2014

Miu Miu autumn trend

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I almost forgot about these.
But unfortunately they are in the game, it's a trend let's say.
So I'll just discuss them without feeling disgusted.
Or at least I'll try.

Here's the back story, the idea behind these, um, shoes:
"They represent the ultimate mix of the luxury and the everyday, combining materials which you’d find in your Dad’s shed with those you would have to travel to an exclusive Italian factory to source. These shoes make heroes of the everyday. " 
Okay, it combines expensive and cheap.
Okay, it combines serious and playful.
But what happened with comfort?
With aesthetic moment of a shoe perfectly fitting one's foot and following the body line?

Miu Miu has always been Prada's naughty little sister, disguised in a sweet, girly look.

Where is that sexy playful touch now?
In a plastic sack tied with a shoelace with a screw instead of a heel?
I wouldn't say so.

It's sad how people are trying to be innovative and end up being ridiculous.
I mean, you can see the models feet sweating in that plastic sack, which is very naturalistic I must say but still, I can't find the purpose of such a shoe.

Except maybe a foot sauna. Or something a foot-fetish-husband-with-no-common-sense would buy to his loved one.

My conclusion is that I'll pass, no thanks.
And you?
Like or Nah?

source:, all rights to their respective owners


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