Saturday, March 29, 2014

Catwalk gif: Individual by Bata Spasojevic

 It's Belgrade fashion week time, which means hustle and bustle 24 hours a day during this fashion-hectic week. First designer to present his collection was Bata Spasojevic. He's celebrating fifteen years long tradition of his brand 'Individual' and what's better way to do that than open the season of your native fashion week? Bright colors, logos and text prints and bold brush strokes marked this anniversary collection that can be put side by side with world famous fashion brands like Celine, Chanel and Dior.
If there weren't the unfortunate event with champagne ( they tried to open a big champagne bottle after the defile and after numerous failures decided to just lift the unopened bottle and leave guests without their drink) I could say that this was the perfect show.

I was inspired by one and only Dazed and Confused.
Photography by Jeca Boljevic, all rights reserved.

Hope you'll have a fab weekend, xo 

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