Sunday, November 3, 2013

Photography time: Transformation

For today's post, I prepared two sets of photos from yesterday's photo shoot. It consists of two completely different styles, one is modern and nerdy and the other is retro with the pop of color and heart shaped sunnies.
The thing I adore when it comes to photography and styling is transformation which is the exact thing I wanted to present here. I'm fascinated with the ability of a model to change and adapt to photographer's wishes and ideas. It's amazing how you can turn someone into a completely different person in no time yet make them look great in both editions.

I was inspired by two of my favorite artists, Andy Warhol and his Factory girl and Terry Richardson and his way of photographing.

I have four more sets to show you when I come back from Prague so until then, stay positive and enjoy your week. xo

Photography, styling, make-up and retouch: Jeca Boljevic
And much thanks to my wonderful model Ivana Mirotic, it's always pleasure working with her.

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