Friday, October 18, 2013

Photography time: The unpublished

Boo you! 
This is just a quickie post to say I'm alive and breathing. Going through a pretty hectic period atm: school's never been harder and I've never been lazier so things are not exactly going the way I planned. 
Also, I'm leaving for Prague on November 4th for a week and I'm preparing something huge when it comes to photography (not revealing much but it'll be quite a challenge).

What I actually wanted to talk about are these two photographs. I felt so very sorry because they never got their own blog post and I decided to put them here after all.
 I love the concept and burst of colors and how her hair fits with the overall atmosphere. This was one of those unplanned shootings that just happened so these two pics are the only actual outcome.

Hope you're enjoying in your day and soon you'll be getting some more serious blog stuff, just be patient!

*Model: Ana Zivkovic

*Styling, photography, retouch: Jeca Boljevic

*If you need any photography service you can contact me via Facebook page by clicking HERE

Always strive and prosper! xo

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