Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer paradise: Bella Italia

Hey lovelies!

Here I am, back in my hometown since Sunday and I still can't get myself together. School year is getting closer every second and I'm panicking more and more every day while trying to balance social life with school preparations (that I didn't even start yet) and blog projects. 

Today I did a photo session for this super-cute newbie travel blog called Worldwide Dreamers and we had so much fun! You can see pics by clicking HERE, but that's not what I'll show you today.

You'll see some of my favorite photos from holiday in Italy. We went to Rimini, cutest town on Italy's Adriatic coast and we visited San Marino. I brought my Nikon with me so these pics will be HQ unlike ones from London. I had a wonderful time in Italy, met some interesting people and found out my Italian is very good so now I can't wait even more to go to university in Milan. 

Hope you'll have a wonderful night!

 hotel room and some stuff I bought

 hotel Bahama's pool

 Rimini by day

 Ice creams in San Marino

 Rimini by night

PS. I'm doing an interview with a young fashion designer from London and I'm so excited about that! Not telling you who she is, you'll find it out yourself by the end of the next week. 

xo Jeca