Sunday, August 25, 2013

WDZ Inteview: Brenda Lukwago

She's beautiful, she's talented, she's Ugandan born, Swedish raised young and aspiring fashion designer from London. 
Yes, she's Brenda Lukwago and  remember her name because with her talent and innovative designs, she will be on top of the fashion world in no time!

So I met Brenda when I was in London in July when I was shopping in Westfield, a day before I left but we kept communicating via social networks. I was head-over-heels-in-love with her creations and I decided to do an interview about her latest collection, works, inspirations and herself in order to present you my latest fascination. 

Well dressed zombie: When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?
Brenda: I always knew I wanted to do something creative, something that will express myself visually, when I was about 12 I realized that all the princesses I used to draw with pretty clothes meant something! I wanted to be a designer so with my mum's support I started sewing and drawing even more.
WDZ: What's your biggest dream and goal when it comes to career?
B: I guess my biggest goal is to be able to share my designs with others, make clothes that are innovative yet stylish and intriguing, that are desirable. I always wanted to own my own flagship stores in Sweden, London and Uganda, as well as making clothes that people will recognize just by looking at it.
WDZ: Where do you find inspiration for your designs and what do you do when you have no new ideas and no inspiration?
B: I get inspired from anything and everything. I like to go back in time, to see old photos from different areas and I like going to exhibitions and museums where art is the main focus. I take all that and fuse it in toy sketch book and bring out the best of it to make new designs. When I run out of ideas I go back to my old sketch books because they are so rich with ideas. Or I listen to music.
WDZ: What do you think of British fashion scene? Is it supportive towards young aspiring designers like yourself?
B:  I have just graduated second time so I'm not really sure yet, but I find British fashion very interesting. If you are to study fashion anywhere, do it in London and make sure you make the best of it: use the teachers, the school fabric shop and the opportunities. 
WDZ: Can you tell me something about your latest collection?
B: My latest collection was created with a futuristic-sports feel. I wanted to create something different but structured, tailored yet innovative: I was inspired by fence fighting panels and laser fighting. I wanted to create a summer collection that is bang on trends and I just love the bright neon colors that are hot right now!  I chose to use fabrics such as clear PVC, green PVC in neon and a grey tailored fabric and they all worked fabulously together.
WDZ: What are your plans for the upcoming season?
B: Next season I'm creating a small collection for autumn/winter, something to keep me going. I'm not revealing too much about it, you will have to wait and see! 
WDZ: What keeps you motivated to do your thing?
B: What keeps me motivated is the hard work and the fact I have invested more than half of my life in it, the support I have from my family, but foremost when people like yourself and others that I don't know appreciate my work. Then I know that I'm on the right way and that I should keep going. It's a beautiful thing creating something desirable and even more beautiful seeing people wearing your creations.

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