Monday, July 1, 2013

My week on Instagram #3

Okay, my blog is almost a month old and I can't be happier with your feedback! We already passed 1K pageviews and I'm very thankful for that :) Now enjoy in this post, that is for some reason mostly about food and drinks because all I posted on Instagram was food lol

xo Jeca

On Monday I went to Costa Coffee for a creamy cooler and just relaxed in home all day.

Tuesday was for latte with sister , again in my favorite Costa and a photo session (you saw it HERE )

I did not post anything on Wednesday because I retouched photo session pics all day, but on Thursday I wrote down my shopping list for London and went to buy some lingerie and eat chinese food with my mom and sister. 

On Friday I went to get the certificate that I finished second grade in high school and chatted via Skype with my bestie that left two weeks ago on vacation. 

Saturday was the busy day: Italian class, buying souvenirs for host family in England, coffee and french macs with my bestie and our families, trying Icebox frozen yogurt for the first time (yum) and night out with my girls.

And then Sunday, randomly strolling through supermarket, helping my mom buy food, later enjoying in homemade coconut latte and rearranging pics in my room.

Follow #myenglandexperience on Instagram @lefashionarie and have a nice week!

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