Saturday, July 6, 2013

My England experience: Live from UK

Hello everyone! I've finally found some free time to write about my days here in England (it's been three days) and just sum up what I've been doing, since lots of stuff is going on every day. 

The thing that is currently interesting to me is food (yup I'm still in that phase) so, I'll tell you something about traditional foods I've tried out for now. You can follow me on Instagram @lefashionarie for the  daily update :)

1. Crumpets: tiny pacakes with butter and jam-too tasty, perfect breakfast

2. Fudge: toffee caramels with too much butter, not my faves

3. Cream tea: It's an actual meal with milk tea and cream and jam, must eat it if in England, tasted like heaven (although I don't actually know how heaven tastes)

4. Cornish pasty: something like Serbian burek, so it's salty meal with meat, potato and onion in a bread-not my cup of tea, it's too spicy and a portion is too big

5. Blueberry muffin: Okay, who doesn't like muffins?! It's yumzie, forever and always my fave

Hope you're enjoying your week just as much as I do!
 I'll prepare a shopping haul and a update on places I've visited as soon as the next day off comes up.

Lots of love, xo Jeca

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