Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome summer!

Summer is finally here and I can't be happier and more satisfied with my life at the moment. 

Yesterday, the day when summer officially came was one of the most perfect days ever. I spent day doing all things I enjoy in: first shopping with my mom and sis, then taking photographs and learning whole lot of new stuff about photography and last but not least sitting in an lovely café, drinking lemonade with my bestie.

My goals for this summer are to try as many new things I can, to meet many new people and visit and discover places I've never been to earlier, so it's all about fresh new start and leaving the past where it belongs-in the past. 

Here are some photos that inspire me at the moment:

Hope you'll have a great summer! 
xo Jeca

PS. All the photos are from We heart it and belong to their respectful owners

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    Hope you do it back
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