Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer style favorites

Today, I'll show you my fave pieces of clothes for this summer, something that will be the basis for my style this season and I hope you'll enjoy!

I'm really, really obsessed with mint again, even more than last summer and that resulted in buying mint swimsuit and sunnies, and wearing Mint candy apple on my nails all the time. 
I think mint goes fantabulous with tanned skin and that's one of the reasons I'll stick to it in next few months.

 H&M hat, Lindex swimsuit, Essie nail polish and Ray Ban sunnies

Next thing I'm obsessing over is geometric print. I recently bought a colorful shorts all in geometric and my swimsuit has some geometric lines on it. Of all the prints, geometric is my favorite because it's bold and modern but still can be found in many colorful traditional variations too and it's easy to experiment with.

Newyorker shorts, Essence nail polish, Chanel J12 watch, Ray Ban sunnies

Now the classy part, flats. I bought those from picture this winter and didn't wear them at all until I placed that piece of black leather over the toes part. I'm in love with them now because they remind me on Chanel's  flats and I wear them all the time so they are my DIY faves for this summer.

Accessorize + DIY flats, Chanel J12 watch, Jil by Jil Sander perfume

And now, a mustie for this summer-shirts. All the colors, all the prints, all the types and sizes, the point is that you should just wear a shirt. Shirts are made of thin material and it's perfect for hot summer days plus they look stylish. I choose this one because it's also DIY-it was long sleeved shirt and I made it to be a vestcoat shirt.

C&A + DIY shirt, D&G Light blue, Elle Serbia  

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xo Jeca


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  2. Such a cute swimsuit!