Sunday, June 30, 2013

My England experience: London shopping list

Hey guys, since my trip to England is in like four days (FOUR DAYS I CAN'T BELIEVE IT) I'm gonna show you some stuff I'm planing to buy when in London.
I just can't plan what clothes I'll buy in advance so this list is consisted of some things that can't be found here in Belgrade and are not clothes. 
Hope you'll enjoy!
xo Jeca

1. Magazines: Elle UK, Vogue and Teen Vogue UK and Harper's Bazaar are a must but everything else that catches my eye is welcome too. 

2. "Revenge wears Prada" book: perfect way to both practice my english and enjoy in sequel of one of my fav books.

3. Vans: Still don't know if they're gonna be pink or mint though.

4. Naked by Urban Decay: I ran out of my favorite eye shadows from Sephora's big make-up box so it's the right time to buy new ones. I'm really into brown natural make-up so "Naked" is the perfect pallete for me.

5. Marc Jacobs Coke: A must! Bottles designed by my favorite man on whole planet-have to have them!

6. "Bad hair day" beanie: Beanie that literally says "Bad hair day"-just too cute. Saw it on Tumblr, found it on Asos and if I get lucky I might just order it when I come to UK.

7. "Vogue" snapback cap: Also seen on Tumblr but found on e-bay. Hope I could order it, but it's not sure.

8. Victoria's secret lingerie set: Or yoga pants, or pajamas, or anything I like in the moment of shopping.

9. MAC make-up brushes: Every girl needs quality set of make-up brushes, right?!

10. Rimmel wake me up concealer: Probably the best concealer ever made. Been waiting it to come to Serbia for months but it never did. Can't wait to own it.

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